Sunday, July 20, 2008

Season 2 Episode 4 Bathroom Divas Clip

Ovation TV has posted a fair number of promotional Bathroom Divas clips on YouTube since they began carrying both seasons of the show in the US. As the pianist who logged the largest number of on-camera hours in both seasons, I was naturally curious to see if I showed up in any of them. Sure enough, the Season 2 Episode 4 clip is one where I'm playing for the coaching sessions. The first part shows Paul and Laura coaching the Boheme Act I duet with Mary Lou Fallis, and the second part shows Phil and Elaine sorting out their differences in a rehearsal of the Merry Widow duet.

On television, what's hard to get a sense of was just how resonant the living room sounded in the house used for the show (located in the Bridle Path neighborhood of North Toronto). The living room's ceiling goes up two stories and the Steinway D brought in for the duration of the show was not out of place in that room...

Also be sure to check out the Season 2 Episode 4 recap I wrote when the show first aired in 2007.


  1. WHAT? It's on US stations? Geez ... how come I haven't found it? :-(

    Man, why didn't I know you were on it? Surely you've blogged about it ... me and my stupid skimming ... I must have missed it. Stupid me!

  2. Patty, I'm not sure where OvationTV is offered in the US.

    I played the show and I made really good money doing it, although there was a lot of sitting around involved (par for the course in television gigs).

  3. Ah ... I probably don't get Ovation since I cut down our cable service. We just couldn't afford it all. Shoot!

    Oh man ... watching the beginning of this episode ... it reminds me of doing this a few years back. (I won't say in what production, but it was somewhat publicized ... ask me privately if you want.) The soprano who I LOVED just could NOT sing that note ... she was fabulous, but somehow froze. One of the first performances was just sad. She shrieked. The audience actually laughed. I felt so horrible for her.

    (I do wonder sometimes what she is up to now. I haven't heard her name at all.)

  4. Anonymous2:33 AM

    Very interesting, Chris. Thanks for posting, I enjoyed it!