Monday, April 28, 2008

Speedlinking - 28 April 2008

Having completed my taxes for 2007 (with refund owing--yay), it's back to the blog with the latest batch of fascinating linkage:
  • Check out Opera Chic for a picture of America's most famous non-conductor.
  • Molly Sheridan examines one of the dinosaurs of classical music: the tuxedo.
  • Hugh Sung has just launched The Prosperous Musician, a blog that will be looking at how to excel financially in a field not generally known for widespread monetary success.
  • Those not yet convinced of the switch from traditional to social media might want to check out some fascinating stats on blogging and social networking at ReadWriteWeb.
  • And finally, some beautiful words of inspiration from Grace Nikae at this busy time of year:
    An artistic life celebrates and values the courage needed to ask the question that allows us to continue searching and growing - not for “any prince’s gallery”, but because the question itself reveals the infinite dimensions of our relationship to the world around us.


  1. Thanks so much for the speedlink, Chris! i hope that will become a resource to help all musicians find ways to beat the "money" and "music" oxymoron!

  2. Hugh, best of luck with the new blog. Maybe next April you could write about some musician-oriented tax tips...

  3. Hey, great idea, though i have no clue about Canadian tax codes for musicians - maybe this could be a joint article?