Friday, March 07, 2008

More Bloggers' Views on the CBC Radio 2 Redesign

It appears that I'm not alone in taking CBC Radio 2 to task for their scheduled program evisceration redesign. Below are views from other Canadian bloggers who also love their national broadcaster.

Edward Bilodeau: is sad to see these kinds of changes at CBC Radio, changes that are likely to drive away the traditional listener and do very little to increase listenership. At best they can hope to cover their losses.

rickie's blog:

If there’s any hope to be salvaged, it might be in the web-only streams in each of classical, jazz, and singer-songwriter (?). If they’re anything like Radio-Canada’s Espace Classique service, then they might be worth listening to. And maybe then I don’t have to add “except Radio 2″ to my “CBC doesn’t always suck” button.

Recreating Eden:

The news release says that the CBC is looking for new program ideas. Maybe I ought to come up with one. What about this: let’s showcase the hundreds of excellent serious musicians in this country! Let’s give the same kind of coverage to new classical music that Jian Gomeshi gives to new pop music! Hell, let’s be as proud of our musicians as we are of our literary superstars like Margaret Atwood and Yann Martel. We've got it, let's flaunt it!

Now if only the CBC would get the message...

Indeed. If you want the CBC to get the message, check out the very rapidly growing Facebook group Save Classical Music at the CBC to get addresses of politicians and CBC execs to write to.

Update 3/10

Canadians aren't the only people concerned about CBC Radio 2's fate:

David Duff, who will not be moving to Canada anytime soon:

It's no wonder radio is dying. Management is killing it!

Kim Witman of Wolf Trap Opera writes about the importance of musicians moving on:

We all shook our heads and tsk-tsked, then RB simply acknowledged that no matter how we resist it, this landscape is changing. And we should simply remain agile.

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