Saturday, March 22, 2008

Heifetz-Rubinstein-Patigorsky Trio Play Mendelssohn on YouTube

Someone's living room must have been graced by the chamber music featured in this film, circa 1953--Jascha Heifetz, Gregor Piatigorsky, and Artur Rubinstein playing the first movement of Mendelssohn's D Minor Trio.


  1. Indeed! The "Million Dollar Trio" (as Rubinstein, Heifetz and Piatigorsky) were called, did record this film at pianist Arthur Rubinstein's Beverly Hills (California) mansion (1139 Tower Drive), during the early 1950's! Great music-making, although these three gentlemen had decidely-different musical temperaments and certain "compromises" had to be made! Still, great fun to see them in action!

    Jonathan Cahill

  2. Isn't making compromises what trio playing is all about? Thanks for the comment and link, Jonathan!