Wednesday, March 05, 2008

CBC To Introduce Pop Music to Radio 2

Somebody please, please tell me this isn't true:

For the final phase of its overhaul of Radio 2, the CBC plans to play less classical music weekday mornings and late afternoons and more pop, showcasing a wider variety of Canadian music and aiming to appeal to a broader audience.

Read the entire article by Guy Dixon in the Globe and Mail to experience the full horror of what is going to happen to one of the best classical music radio stations on the planet.


  1. Oh gosh, NO! What will happen to Disc Drive?? That show was always my favourite.
    If I wanted to hear pop music on the radio, I would tune in to a different station.
    This has been the saddest news of my day.

  2. I share your dismay, catalyst. What I heard is that Disc Drive will be gone by the end of the summer to be replaced by a "vocal music-oriented" program (pop/jazz/world/classical) and Jurgen will probably be moved to a weekend show.