Monday, February 18, 2008

Some New Features in the Sidebar and Footer Sections

A few days ago while browsing Blogger in Draft, I chanced upon a new widget in development called Blog List that allows you to load a large number of sites that can then be displayed in various orders. After a bit of experimentation (and loading most of the blogs on Scott Spiegelberg's Top 50 Technorati list), I finally came up with "Hot Stories in the Classical Blogosphere", which allows you to see the 10 most recently updated blogs taken from a pool of 69 classical music blogs. You can see the new widget in action near the bottom of the left-hand sidebar just above the archives.

Also recently new in the footer section is a Recent Comments widget, as well as news feeds from Google News that track the most recent stories in the subjects of classical music, piano, opera, chamber music, and collaborative piano. The list of my fave classical music blogs is now at the center of the footer section. Happy exploring!

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