Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Violists' Wall of Fame

After writing the list of Viola Concertos earlier this evening, I couldn't help but do a search for other, well, viola-related sites. What made my evening was Pete Levin's candidates for the Violists' Wall of Fame. Here are some of these illustrious individuals:

  • Willie Showup

  • Carrie DiPitzas

  • Eubie Hynd

  • Bjorn Deff

  • Izzy Reading

  • Maida Blunder

  • Frank Lee Tairbull

  • Yassir Heezbad

  • Carrie Oki

  • Fay King

  • Hyman Trubble

  • Skip DeRunze

  • Ewell B. Fired

  • Donna Day Evertune

  • Kent C. DeMusic

  • Candace Goslower

  • Gladys Overwith

  • Are there any other candidates for the wall?

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