Friday, December 07, 2007

50+ Links for Opera Singers and Opera Lovers

Here are some interesting operatic links from around the internet!

General Information

All About Opera - A huge site with information on operas, composers, as well as links to news stories.

Bob's Opera Madness - They're singers...they're actors....they're in 3-D!

Hispaopera - A guide to the opera world in Spanish.

Historic Opera
- Images and postcards of various singers and composers.

Opera America - The national service organization for opera, with resources for artists, companies, and audiences.

Operabase - A massive database of information on performances, artists, and companies.

Opera Fact Book Beta - Huge German site with links to all things operatic.

OperaGlass - Lots of detailed information on libretti, sources, performance history, synopses, and discographies.

Opera Guide - The virtual opera house, with information on operas and libretti. Free and subscription services.

OperaStuff - A large amount of links to opera singers, links, houses, and resources. OperaStuff is probably the most comprehensive listing of opera links on the internet.

Operissimo Concertissimo - A large database of concert and opera information.

Opus 1 classical - Links to information about upcoming operas and concerts across the globe.

usOperaweb - News about the American opera scene, covering houses, singers, and composers in the United States.

So This is Opera - A very useful site to indoctrinate introduce kids to the world of opera.

Wikipedia entry on Opera - In progress, the wiki history of opera is being written and added to as we speak. For a look at the history and agenda of the various authors, take a look at the discussion page as well.


Afrocentric Voices in Classical Music - Highlights the contribution of African American singers to the classical music world.

All you would like to know about the Castrati...but not quite! - The title says it all.

Beauty in Music - Highlights female performers and has sections on sopranos and mezzo sopranos.

Coloratura Sopranos - An MSN group dedicated to the voice type that spends most of the time in the stratosphere.

Historical Tenors - Lots of information on tenori past and present. Take a look at the Tenors' Index for many interesting sub-species.

Legacy of the Diva - An introduction to the historical legacy of the diva and other forms of worship.

Sandy's Opera Gallery - Galleries and galleries of opera pics.

Vinyl Divas - Record cover pics from the golden age of vinyl.


The Aria Database - Translations and MIDI files for over 1000 operatic arias.

The Lied and art Song Texts Page - Since the early years of the web, this has been the premiere source for finding reliable translations of song texts.

Facebook Groups (membership required)

Canadian Opera Singers! - From superstars to students, you'll find many of them here.

Fach you, I'm an Opera singer - "Of all the noises known to man, opera is the most expensive." -Moliere

Opera in Toronto - Near-comprehensive listings of the burgeoning opera scene in Toronto.

Vocal Performance Majors Anonymous: A College/Conservatory Connection - With 3800 members representing over 470 schools of music, this is Facebook's largest and most active classical singing groups.

Networking and Groups

Classical Singer - A vast number of both free and subscription services are available on one of the internet's largest communities of classical singers.

The New Forum for Classical Singers
- Another of the largest classical singer forums.

Opera-L - You can subscribe at this site to the Opera-L mailing list.

Broadcasts and Media

Cantolopera - Can't afford a full orchestra? Get the next best thing--a recorded one for your performance.

The Metropolitan Opera International Radio Broadcast Information Center - Information on upcoming Met broadcasts.

MetManiac - A site commemorating over 70 years of Metropolitan Opera broadcasts.

Operacast - If it's opera and on the radio, you'll almost certainly find it here.

Opera mp3 - Aggregates various websites and groups that specialize in mp3 downloads, as well as some of the best operatic clips on YouTube.


the concert - Ann-Carolyn Bird's frank and compelling blog about her experiences as she becomes one of the top emerging singers in the United States.

Il Grand'Inquisitor - Even if you can't read Dutch, you can still enjoy the great pictures in this great blog by Margo Briessinck.

La Cieca - An operatic blog written with eloquence and attitude.

MetBlog - The official blog of the Metropolitan Opera.

NYC Opera Fanatic - What the name says, via Philly.

Opera Chic - Opera + moah @ La Scala and elsewhere in teh opera world.

Sieglinde's Diaries
- Leon Dominguez writes about opera from New York City.

Tomness - The weblog of baritone and fellow Eastman grad Thomas Meglioranza.

wellsung - Writing and reviews about opera.

Wolf Trap Opera - Kim Witman's blog about life as the artistic director of an emerging opera company that has its season mostly in the summer. Her 2008 Aria Frequency List is recommended reading for every operatic singer that wants to take a look at the frequency and breadth of which arias are being offered by young singers today.

Yankeediva - Joyce DiDonato's search for "beauty and possibility on the world's stages".


Bill's Opera Supernumerary Site - They don't get to sing, but are nevertheless an integral part of the action.

Inspired Diversions - Traveling to Europe? This site can help you find that famous or out of the way opera house.

YAP Tracker - An online audition manager that helps you keep track of auditions, programs, competitions, and workshops. Subscription service.

And finally...

America's Opera Boom
- An article in The American about the current bull market in opera.

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