Monday, November 05, 2007

October 2007 Clavier Magazine Features the Collaborative Arts

If you're interested in the any of the disciplines associated with collaborative piano, you'll definitely want to check out the October 2007 issue of Clavier. Among the articles in this issue:

Masters of Chamber Music: An Interview with Jean Barr and David Lutz by Leonne Lewis.

The Joy of Playing With Others by Philip Amalong.

Beethoven's Chamber Folksong Transcriptions: Music from the British Isles by Anthony Olson and Eva Peng.

Samuel Sanders: A Name to Remember by Margo Garrett.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading the interview with Jean Barr (my teacher at Eastman), and the Philip Amalong article is an excellent article for those considering or starting out in collaborative piano, with lots of information on what to expect in graduate programs, auditions, and the profession in general. Margo Garrett's article has a wonderful quote to describe Samuel Sander's disdain of the a-word:

I remember how he dislike the term accompanist to describe his career. He would say the word made it sound like he was the one who traveled with and carried the suitcases.

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