Saturday, November 03, 2007

Live Opera Streaming Listings with Operacast

Want to hear a full-length live opera but can't get out to Rome this weekend? Operacast has some excellent listings of worldwide broadcasts of live opera all around the world. In case you're not familiar with the ways of streaming audio, there's even an Internet Radio for Simpletons page to get you started.

But the best feature by far is the fact that the listings are for Greenwich Mean Time, cutting down on the difficulties of constantly calculating time zones. What a great way to organize your listening time, especially when you'll have to choose between Herodiade in Rome, Alexander's Feast in Wellington, Aida at the Met, The Rake's Progress in Stockholm, and The Barber of Seville in San Francisco.

(Thanks, Gerrit!)

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  1. Combine it with an easy to use stream recorder (such as the free SoundCapture and you have all of the opera world ready for recording.

    Have fun all!