Sunday, October 14, 2007

More Practice Links

As we approach the halfway mark of the month, here is the next batch of useful practice links for the avid musician.

Martin Schuring at Arizona State University has written an essay on practicing from the oboist's perspective.

Charles Moss has written an article on required practice that examines some of the basics of the process.

Here is a useful article on taking piano exams from an anonymous Geocties retro-site.

Brent Hugh at Missouri State College has assembled a large pagh with piano practice principles and methods resources.

Looking for some interesting piano repertoire? Try the Pianopedia.

Those studying Baroque music might want to check out Dr. Brian Blood's useful page on ornamentation.

Finally, those wishing to maintain good physical health when practicing might want to check out the Musicians and Injuries page, with lots of useful prevention information and recommended books.

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