Monday, September 10, 2007

Collaborative Piano Anagrams

Using's Internet Anagram Server, here is an unbelievable list of some humorous anagrams made from rearranging the letters of "collaborative piano". Try this with your name or blog title and see what outrageous words and phrases you can find!

A poor cantabile viol
A bacterial vino pool
A capable violin root
A cabaret polo violin
A love op calibration
A botanical olive pro
A poor botanical veil
A poor evil botanical
On a parabolic violet
Not a parabolic olive
Onto a parabolic veil
A parabolic vine tool
Into a parabolic love
A pole violin acrobat
A cool invariable pot
A trainable viol coop
A baronial voice plot
A baronial topic, love
Over a banal politico
A vibe pro allocation
A vocational bile pro
A carnival oboe pilot
A capital bolero vino
A poor libel vacation
A carpal oblivion toe
A loopier vacant boil
A varietal bloop icon
A tropic vanilla oboe
A poetic vanilla boor
Poor available tonic
Oboe carpal at violin
Plain oil oboe cravat
Valiant crap oboe oil
Avian oboe local trip
Atonal oboe viral pic
Atonal oboe rival pic
An apricot oboe villa
Oboe clap viola train
Plain rival oboe taco
Oboe atop car villain
Reboot alpaca violin

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