Friday, August 03, 2007

Call for Information about Collaborative Piano Degree Programs

In the last while, I've been receiving an ever-increasing number of requests for the university collaborative piano programs I recommend. As past readers will know, I have posted a massive list of Degree Programs in Collaborative Piano, without links and without any clue as to which programs I think are the hot ones for those seeking a future in the field.

First of all, I would like to thank readers of this blog for placing their trust in me being a source of information regarding worthwhile programs. Nevertheless, my view of the field is not the only one, so I am making the following announcement:

This is a call for detailed information on all degree and diploma programs in Collaborative Piano, Piano Accompanying, Piano Chamber Music, and Vocal Coaching. I would like to post information on as many programs in the field as possible, with detailed facts on coursework, auditions, and financial aid, linked to relevant pages on university websites. I ask for information to be submitted in the following manner:

1. Please send me an email (collaborative piano [AT] gmail dot com) with the body of text you would like me to post on the blog, with links to relevant pages on university sites, in addition to any bios, pictures, or charts you might find useful.
2. When I post the information, it will be in the form of a quote from its author.
3. In addition, I will also add a permanent link to your program from the comprehensive Degree Programs posting, to which many prospective students in the field now look in order to make choices about programs. This link will ensure that your school gets the attention it deserves!

One word of warning--this is a call for information specifically regarding programs in the collaborative piano field. I am not looking for information from local music schools, private studios, vendors of software programs, or other commercial services, and I reserve the right to ignore any emails that don't fit the bill in this regard.


  1. Thanks, Chris. I'm really looking forward to this annotated list.

  2. Thanks, Kim. I hope I hear from as many different programs as possible in the next few months!