Saturday, July 21, 2007

Speedlinking - 21 July 2007

While I've been learning mountains of repertoire here at Bowdoin, A Singer's Life is in rehearsal at Zwingenberg, waiting for her Harry Potter copy to arrive and Opera Chic travels to Santa Fe and is not unimpressed.

Trying to get more productive? Check out this huge productivity list at Mashable or apply the long-tail concept to get ahead at Personal Growth and Effectiveness.

Hitting the freelance market this September? Freelance Switch lists 10 ways to avoid freelance headaches.

Working on better accuracy in your practicing? Slow Leadership explains why perfection isn't a viable goal.

How's the reading this summer? Perhaps you should (or rather, could) join Rebecca at A Resonant Life in reading Proust.

And finally, Josh Nemith shares some thoughts on short chamber music recitals.

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