Monday, July 09, 2007

Poll Results: You're A What?

On many occasions, I've felt that doing what I do at the piano, while deeply satisfying, is not always respected or acknowledged properly by other musicians and the public at large. Hand-in-hand with this feeling is a realization that the term "accompanist" might be part of this condescension towards those of our profession.

This was the reasoning behind my poll with its three choices of 1) accompanist, the traditional label, 2) pianist, and 3) collaborative pianist, the up-and-coming term.

Here are the results of the poll.

Which term do you prefer to call pianists who choose to perform with others?
10 (21%)
24 (51%)
Collaborative Pianist
13 (27%)

The results are clear: over 50% of those who responded favored calling those of our profession pianists, nothing more and nothing less. Thanks to everyone who participated in this poll--I really appreciate you taking the time make your voice heard, and further comments are welcome regarding the results.

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