Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Pianistic Fireworks: Arcadi Volodos Plays Stars & Stripes Forever on YouTube

Look at that left hand go in this YouTube of Arcadi Volodos playing the Horowitz arrangement of John Philip Sousa's Starts and Stripes Forever. For added effect, get some of your friends together and do the wave when the B section returns for the final time.


  1. Surely you need three hands to play this? That's astonishing!

  2. Look at that guy sweat ... you'd think he'd just run a marathon :) So, the eternal question: is it worth all the effort? (Apparently to Volodos it is, but I've never managed to learn anything like that.)

  3. Think on the bright side--if you can play that, you can rest assured that your LH accuracy would improve with all that flinging back and forth.