Monday, July 30, 2007

Leslie Kinton w/ The Madawaska Quartet August 2nd at Festival of the Sound

Those of you able to get to Parry Sound this week might be interested in seeing pianist Leslie Kinton perform the Dvorak Piano Quintet with the Madawaska Quartet noon Thursday in the Charles W. Stockey Centre for the Performing Arts as part of this summer's Festival of the Sound. The Madawaska Quartet are: Sarah Fraser Raff, violin, Rebecca van der Post, violin, Anna Redekop, viola, and Amy Laing, cello. Also on the noon program is the Martinu Trio in F major with Suzanne Shulman, flute, Anssi Karttunen, cello, and Glen Montgomery, piano. Tickets are $19/16.

And that's not even Leslie Kinton's first performance of the day--at 10:30am he appears with fellow pianist James Anagnoson in a program of duo piano works by Dvorak and Martinu. Tickets are $15/12.

Kinton and the Madawaska Quartet will also be performing the Dvorak Quintet in Toronto at the RCM Great Artists series on Sept. 28.

More upcoming Madawaska Quartet events:

Aug. 11
Children's concert at Franklin Children's Garden, Toronto Centre Island.
11a.m. Free

Aug. 17
Summer concert series at St.Andrew-by-the-lake, Toronto Island.
7p.m. $15/$13 Janacek, Ives, Linda Smith

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  1. Is anyone aware that the Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts doesn't PAY for these concerts in The Richard Bradshaw Theatre.
    Oh, they pay the heat, they pay the staff, they pay the administrators, the people who book the musicians, the piano tuner, the IASTE guys to set up the stage and lights and sound, but somehow there isn't a penny left over for the people who actually are the whole REASON for these concerts... the musicians.

    One has to wonder how this bastion of high culture, good taste can get away with not paying these world class musicians. Yes this multi million dollar venue can't come up with a few bucks to pay these musicians.

    One must wonder WHY these player are playing for nothing. IIs it because that's what they think they are worth?