Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Sign the Restore CBC Radio Two Petition

I just got a note on Facebook regarding a petition to restore the full range of classical programming previously available on CBC Radio Two. This spring, evening classical music (much of it live), the Arts Report, and Two New Hours were cancelled to make way for new programs. If you find these programming changes objectionable, please sign the Restore CBC Radio Two petition. Here is some of the petition's statement:

On March 19, 2007, CBC Radio 2 cancelled its excellent evening classical music programming, and the immensely informative Arts Report, and the award-winning Two New Hours. We consider that with these changes the management of our only national public broadcaster has compromised its tradition of providing stimulating and informed programming. We also believe that these changes are not consistent with the CBC mandate and the recent UNESCO treaty on cultural diversity.

The public voices of many dedicated and world-class Canadian writers, hosts, composers, producers and artists are being muted. If the changes are allowed to stand and the trend to continue, the CBC will have entirely squandered its unique capacity to represent the arts, with their inherent qualities of “complexity, depth and order”.

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  1. Margaret Logan4:44 PM

    There is a contest begin run by CBC called "The Great Canadian Wish List". http://www.cbc.ca/wish/
    I have posted the following wish and I am looking for Facebook supporters to make this wish happen. It is in the section "Living Large". My wish is: Restore CBC Radio Two to pre-March 19 Programming!
    Please support this wish!