Sunday, May 13, 2007

Rebecca Hass' new blog: The Resonant Life

In 2005, well-known mezzo soprano Rebecca Hass moved with her family to Victoria after living many years in Toronto. After working with Rebecca at Tapestry and playing the premiere of her one-woman show So You Want to Sing a Show Tune at the Heliconian Hall, I was greatly saddened to hear that she was leaving town. What she and her family were searching for:

...the pursuit of living a life more in line with their values around nature, the physical outdoor life, and the creative well that exists living in the middle of the ocean and the tree crusted mountains. Believing that if you leap you will grow wings they sold their house without job or home to move to. Wings they grew and they live tucked into a forests edge with views of water and mountains.

Toronto's loss was Victoria's gain, and this week Rebecca launched her new blog The Resonant Life, with Rebecca's unique views as a performer, voice teacher, writer, and life coach.

Of all the new classical music blogs popping up here and there, this is definitely one to watch...

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