Monday, May 28, 2007

3-Divas pics

This last weekend's 3-Divas was a huge success--both shows sold out and were very warmly received by the audience packed in at the Ernest Balmer studio. It also provided opportunities for everyone involved to stretch their boundaries and try out repertoire further afield than what they ordinarily do.

Here are some pictures from the weekend. The first three were taken by Patti Loach in rehearsal. The Ernest Balmer is a spectacular place to both rehearse and perform in, with a row of large windows lighting the room that was once a factory. This one is with me at the piano, Louis Simao on bass, and Trish, Tova, and Jean. Roger Travassos is on drums but obscured by the divas, although if you look closely you can see the tip of one of his sticks in action:

Wayne Strongman, managing artistic director in a picture taken from the same vicinity but with the curtains drawn:

This picture shows Tova singing with Mark Eisenman on piano:

And lastly the divas with pianist Patti Loach (second from left) backstage before one of the shows:

This afternoon it's back into the studio to start rehearsals for Tapestry's next project--a workshop of Sanctuary Song by Abigail Richardson and Marjorie Chan.

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