Monday, April 23, 2007

Resource Roundup: Join the Club

Feeling like you're the only one on the planet who's got a full day of playing? Want to know what everyone else is charging? Tired of playing only concertos? You're not the only pianist on the planet going through these things. Here are some of the places you can connect with others in either a professional organization or place to rant:

MySpace Collaborative Pianist Group
Created by Hugh Sung, this is a place to chat, discuss issues on a forum, or post an item on a bulletin board.

Classical Lounge Collaborative Pianist Group
Also created by Hugh Sung, you can interact with members and post on a forum here.

Accompanists' Guild of New South Wales
A professional organization in Australia.

Accompanists' Guild of South Australia
Another professional organization in Australia.

Piano World Forums
Like hanging out with other pianists on a forum? Here's the place.

The New Forum for Classical Singers
Like hanging out with other singers on a forum? Here's the place.

If you work as a church pianist, this is the Y!Music group for you.

If you know of any other groups around there, please leave a comment. I'm especially interested in knowing if there are collaborative pianist communities that meet in languages other than English.

Update 5.9.07

Also check out some of the many collaborative pianist groups that can be found on Facebook.

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