Thursday, April 05, 2007

More collaborative piano in the blogosphere

Mat's little world of pianos, theatre, and performance showcases the adventures of Mat in Worcester, a pianist with a keen interest in amateur theatre. Recent happenings on his blog include an account of a recent opening of Merrie England that he had repped:

By the end of the tech rehearsal on Sunday, there was a distinct sense of panic, and no-one thought the show was ready, but we’d all ran out of time. I’m told the dress rehearsal (full orchestra, so I wasn’t needed) was more of the same. Everyone was thinking they needed another week of runthroughs.
But by Wednesday, the comaraderie of the cast shone through, and everyone got together, and put on a blinder of a show. I saw it Friday night with Will, and Saturday night with the parents, and it was astonishing...

By the way, Mat, thanks for the nod. Your blog's feed shall occupy a permanent place on my Google Reader lineup.

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