Monday, April 02, 2007

Another pianist with excellent wind-up skills

I recently found another video of Olympia's Doll Song from Tales of Hoffman featuring a pianist doing the wind-up thing. This time it is pianist Michael Dauphinais with soprano Makeda Hampton at an AIMS artist recital. Notice how Mr. Dauphinais does the full wind-up reminiscent of operating 19th century machinery, rather than Mr. Scalera's debonair use of a fan.

What do I do when performing this aria? I must admit that I have in previous years utilized the same technique that Mr. Dauphinais so aptly demonstrates. However, in recent years I have begun to discover the benefits of technology and now, using a remote, wind up sopranos singing this aria without even leaving the piano.

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  1. I'm tickled to find this on here. Yes, the tried and true old-fashioned windup technique might be a little predictable and tired, but I do vary it a little during the second cadenza. Listen for my "Wizard of Oz" variant.

    Michael Dauphinais
    (pianist in the aforementioned video)