Friday, April 06, 2007

Another Canadian classical music blog

At last...another classical music blog in Canada. Otto von Karajanstein writes The Transcontinental, named after a long-running show on CBC Radio Two of the same name. A recent post on What To Do With Radio Two highlights some of the soul-searching that has been going on since the announcement of the revamping of the Radio Two lineup with a drastic reduction in the amount of classical music programmed:

While I appreciate their motivations, I am still saddened by the sheer lack of talk about culture on CBC anymore. When I grew up, you could actually learn something about classical music and other arts on CBC, every day. And it wasn't restricted to classical music - I fondly recall a Saturday evening spent learning all about the metal power ballad, its origins and development.

That seems much less likely these days. There are fewer musicologists, fewer composers, yet unsurprisingly enough, more performer interviews.

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