Sunday, March 18, 2007

Jeremy Fisher's blog

I recently discovered the blog of Jeremy Fisher a few weeks ago, and it deserves praise as one of the best ones in the field. Jeremy Fisher is a vocal coach and pianist in London who writes about his professional experiences, vocal pedagogy, and preparation for auditions with an emphasis on musical theatre. This is essential reading for the collaborative pianist. A snippet from his recent post on his first professional audition:

When I arrived in Sheffield, the musical director, Jeremy Sams, met me at the stage door and took me to a dressing room. No piano, but that didn't seem to bother him. I talked a bit about what I had done at college, then asked if he wanted to hear me play. "No, it's OK. You won the same prize that I did, so I know what standard you are. You've got the job".

And I hadn't played a note to anyone.

Also check out Jeremy's Vocal Process website with many useful articles on singing, pedagogy, and computer voice analysis.