Saturday, March 17, 2007

A few more Bathroom Divas tidbits

Here are a few interesting items from season two:

  • The house where the show was filmed was located on Toronto's prestigious Bridle Path, just southeast of Bayview and York Mills.
  • The final four singers did a quick trip for a performance at the Festival of the Sound in Parry Sound that never made it to the final cut of the show. For me, this was one of the defining moments for the singers, where they both bonded as a group and really came into their own as singers in front of a sold-out audience in the visually and acoustically stunning Charles Stockey Centre for the Performing Arts.
  • The Georgia Straight's Jessica Werb leaked the identity of the winner in this review of November 2nd, 2006. I found out about this in an email following the performance. As late as mid-November the article showed up #1 on Google searches for "bathroom divas elaine", until presumably the Straight was asked (or told) to de-list the article from Google, since the article can now only be accessed through the Straight's front page.
  • Except for the Straight's leak, the secret of the winner's identity was kept meticulously this time around. In fact, rumors were swirling in Toronto in the past week that Phil had won the show.
  • No word as of yet regarding a third season. Stay tuned for any announcements regarding the next round of auditions should the show be renewed.

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