Sunday, February 11, 2007

Yahoo Pipes classical music blog mashup

Using the recently launched Yahoo Pipes service, I just created a mashup with all my favorite classical music blogs, created a widget for the mashup's Yahoo feed on yourminis, then copied the widget's URL to paste here. If it behaves over the next few days as the content of all two dozen or so blogs comes in, I'll be sticking it on the sidebar as additional reading for the classically inclined.

For more widgets please visit

Update: Most interesting. I'll need to rename the mashup widget so the title fits across the top and resize to make sure it fits on the sidebar, but just barely. One problem with the widget is that it only posts titles of feeds, not their source. However, the title links directly to the post's URL on the source blog.

Link to the mashup's page on Yahoo
Link to the mashup's feed URL

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