Saturday, February 10, 2007

Bathroom Divas 2 Episode 1 Recap

The season premiere of Bathroom Divas Season Two starts with a slightly different cast of judges than last year. Mary Lou Fallis and Tom Diamond return to the show, but new this season are Daniel Lichti and Liz Upchurch.

The episode starts with the four judges traveling to Vancouver to hear the first batch of aspiring divas. David Boothroyd once again was the pianist for the Vancouver auditions.

The next round of auditions were held in Edmonton at the Winspear Centre.

The tour then moved to Toronto, where I played for the auditions at the Hart House Theatre on the University of Toronto campus. It's worth noting that even though the segment featuring the Toronto auditions lasted only about 10 minutes, the footage was whittled down from two full days of auditions.

The tour then made its final stops in Montreal and Halifax, after which the four judges, following much animated discussion over dinner, decided on the following six singers to be invited to opera boot camp in Toronto (listed in alphabetical order):

Paul Abelha
Elaine Hefferton
Robyn Hefferton
Phillip Holmes
Donna Jacobs
Laura Landauer

Next week's episode will detail the singers' arrival at boot camp, their first week or so of lessons, rehearsals, coachings, and adventures, culminating in the first vote-off.

N.B. Readers of this site will have noticed Rachelle Kelly in the Toronto auditions, who very nearly made it to the final six.

TV, Eh? guesses at possible issues and plot lines for episode two:

Can Laura shake her Celine Dion-isms and find her own voice? Mother Elaine vs. daughter Robyn - who will make it further? Does Phil need a “Henry Higgins” to polish his country-boy ways? Can Donna bolster her self-confidence and find her inner diva? Will Paul build his dream and leave the construction site behind?

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