Thursday, January 11, 2007

Introducing my teaching site

Everybody seems to have websites in development or in beta these days and I'm no exception. My current construction project is a teaching site made with Google Page Creator, with the aim of eventually amassing a large number of resources and links to create a first rate companion site for my RCM studio. It's only basically a front page right now, but I intend to create a large amount of content for it in the next few months.


I'm somewhat reticent about studio websites. I know they are supposed to be the wave of the future, everyone will one day be accessing music education via the web, etc., etc. but at the same time, most private studio sites suck don't have the information and resources that would really make them an asset to the profession, but rather stop at a bio, pretty picture, and recent accomplishments. Here are some of the truly great private studio and artist sites on the web that not only advertise the offerings of their creator, but actually move the profession forward with some genuinely useful information and resources:

The Martha Beth Lewis Piano Home Page

Not only is it her studio's home page, but it also happens to be probaby the single source of information on piano pedagogy on the internet, with exhaustive sections for teachers, parents, and students, all within a simple and homemade format.

Laura Claycomb's Young Artist Corner

Every singer has great pictures and an impressive bio and some even have great video and sound files, but Laura Claycomb's site has one of the most honestly written and down to earth guides on how to succeed and develop as a professional singer one is likely to find, free from hubris and out-of-date personal anecdotes one often finds in the genre.


This is the website of a teacher that genuinely cares about the development of her students and the art of teaching. Complete with articles, resources, links, student projects and contests, her personal handouts and teaching materials (some of which requires registration), and a complete chronicling of every aspect of her studio's operation, the online presence of this site gives Wendy Stevens a huge presence in Kansas. If you're a parent or student in the Wichita or Topeka areas and have visited this site, why would you even consider other studios?

So the bar is set rather high after looking at these sites. Stay tuned for more goodies on my newest website project--maybe the RCM will even let me use their logo.

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