Monday, December 04, 2006

Laura Claycomb's Young Artist Corner

I have been having numerous discussions with singers and coaches in the last few days on the long and difficult journey from music school to professional career and how different things are from what you thought they would be once you're in the thick of it and trying to get hired.

Laura Claycomb's Young Artist Corner
has a wealth of great resources (and straight talk) on the process of making the step from student to professional. This site is worth an evening's visit, with a great amount of very, very pertinent information for singers (and collaborative pianists) wishing to embark on their careers.

One short quote, on vocal coaches:

Find coaches you trust. They will be your ears throughout your career. You can never hear what you sound like from the outside, and a coach (or conductor) can tell you if what you think sounds fabulous even carries to the first row! A good coach is someone you feel comfortable with, that you feel improves your singing, interpretation, etc..., and doesn't play mind games with you. A good coach helps you find the interpretation that YOU want to bring forward within the framework of the music - he/she doesn't just say "this is how it's done." Style is a guideline, not a straightjacket. A good coach will tell you in a supportive way that you're not doing something right, or if you're developing bad habits. A good coach will not feel the need to say something just to have something to say. If it's good, he/she will just leave it. A good coach is NOT just a fine pianist, but a fine musician who can tell you about style, language, nuance, and help you learn more about yourself in the meantime.

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