Saturday, September 02, 2006

Collaborative Piano vs. Piano Accompanying Part II

In late 2005 I did a Google Smackdown comparison on the number of Google hits for Collaborative Piano against the number of hits for Piano Accompanying to get a rough idea on whether the collaborative piano meme was at all close to overtaking the former traditional title for the field. In my somewhat whimsical posting on the Smackdown experiment, I listed the following result:

Piano Accompanying--2050 hits
Collaborative Piano--1080 hits

This evening, I did a retry of the same experiment with the following result:

Piano Accompanying--45,900
Collaborative Piano--31,900

In both results piano accompanying received more Google hits than collaborative piano, with a ratio of 1.9:1 on 12/23/05 but only 1.4:1 on tonight's search.

Does this mean that collaborative piano is overtaking, or has overtaken piano accompanying as the title of record for our field? Difficult to say, as the sheer number of Google results are impossible to test for quality. The total number of Google hits is encouraging (compare 3130 on 12/23/05 with 77800 this evening) and may indicate that our field is being written about more often with its practitioners beginning to create web content, or may merely be a change in either the Google or Google Smackdown algorithm.

At any rate, this is an interesting way of looking into the issue and worth another matchup on Google Smackdown. The whole meme-searching process is somewhat artificial, but an enterprising researcher with more time on their hands than myself might find an interesting study in graphing the results of comparative searches over time.

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