Saturday, September 30, 2006

Another Canadian classical music blog

I had the pleasure this morning of visiting s55ael for the first time, which is a fine Canadian blog that I hadn't yet visited until now. It is written by a collaborative pianist and teacher living on an island (read the blog carefully to figure out which island) with numerous excellent musings on such things as...

Practicing and hiking
Inclement weather at a busy time of the year
The finer things in life

...and how they relate to the life of a busy professional.

I have wondered for some time why it is that so few Canadian classical musicians make the decision to blog when the phenomenon is becoming so popular in other countries such as the US and England. Here are some other classical music blogs in Canada:

Help! I'm a Postmodernist!
My Other Life
The Score

And some blogs by expat Canadian classical musicians:

Adventures in Opera Singing
Questo "Mars Rosso" mi amollisce e assidera

If you know of any other classical Canblogs or write one yourself, drop me an email or comment and I would be glad to list it.

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