Thursday, August 31, 2006

Happy BlogDay2006

As the summer winds down to a close, the blogging season heats up again, starting with Blog Day 2006, in which each participant recommends five blogs they frequent. These are my five: The crossroads of music and technology, with info aplenty both for the novice and the technophile, brought to you by a fine collaborative pianist who knows how to find audiences and bring his music to them.

The Well Tempered Blog The CNN of the keyboard. If it impacts the piano-playing world, you'll probably find it here.

Think Denk Follow pianist Jeremy Denk as he performs around the world and muses on subjects as varied as musical philosophy, FestivaLand, post-performance receptions, fine cuisine, traveling, and buying music from his favorite retailer.

My Other Life soundtrk may be an engineering student at the University of British Columbia, but she has many musical interests, and writes brilliantly about concert life in Toronto and Vancouver as well as her own developmental process as she studies both voice and piano.

Neatorama Because I like weird stuff and Neatorama is some of the best stress relief there is.

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  1. Honored by the menion of my humble blog!

    Happy Blog Day !!