Friday, June 16, 2006

Bathroom Divas season 2 filming underway

It's taken me a full day to recover from the last two days of playing for the Toronto auditions for Bathroom Divas season 2. I'm probably the Canadian record holder for the number of hours I spent playing for these voice auditions--19 hours over two days. Mind you, much of that time was taken up by interviews and wait time, but it was quite a long haul, as well as a pleasure to perform (without any rehearsal time) for the many singers who auditioned.

The after the rest of the Canada-wide auditions, the winning singers will be chosen to participate in Opera Boot Camp in August. I won't be mentioning anything else about what is happening on Bathroom Divas until the show airs in January 2007, although I will be linking to related articles and advertising.


  1. Judith Fiore11:20 PM

    Hello Chris,
    It's wonderful to come across your blog. I was one of the people who auditioned for Bathroom Divas, and I really enjoyed your fabulous musicianship. I had sung the Mozart duet, and then the second part of Vissi D'Arte, and I will share that it was the first time I'd performed the Vissi D'Arte with piano. You made it easy for me, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!
    Judith Fiore

  2. Thanks Judith, and best of luck in the future with your singing!