Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Back again, after a short break

Without using the h-word, it's been a good refreshing break to take a step back from the blog the last few weeks, but now is the time to get back to things, as I've been hit with both the blogging and the practice bug.

First of all, greetings to the visitors from the New Forum for Classical Singers--I recently noticed my name added to the Who's Who page (follow the links on the index page). The NFCS forums are some of the most informative, frank, and entertaining sources of information on the opera and singing world one is likely to find.

Also interesting in the last few days is a link, courtesy of boingboing, to Deutsche Grammaphon's Classical Bytes series featuring cover art by well-known cartoonists graphic artists. The Chopin toon at left is by Lauren Weinstein, author of Inside Vineyland and Girl Stories. An interesting way to once again re-release and re-package classic DG recordings. I'm interested to find out what Schubert might be doing in the cover art if he were to be featured in one of these volumes. Playing darts, perhaps?

Image hosted by Classical Bytes

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