Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Filumena Television Premiere

John Estacio's opera Filumena has its world television premiere tomorrow night on the CBC Television program Opening Night. Laura Whalen will be starring in the title role of the last woman in Canada ever to receive the death penalty. Also appearing are Gaetan Laperierre, David Pomeroy, Gregory Dahl, Elizabeth Turnbull, Torin Chiles, Keith Boldt, Michael Meraw and Christine Ledig in an Edmonton Opera production.

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  1. Hey Chris! Thanks for the plug on your blog. You'll finally get to see the opera. It grew quite a bit since the 2002 workshop you participated in. Hope you and Wendy enjoy it (albeit on tape -- hope your VCR is clean!) So good to see you again last week -- all the best for continued success on the Operas To Go. J.