Sunday, March 12, 2006


One of the more interesting discoveries of the last while was finding other people on the web that share my name, and there are quite a few of them, and they all seem to be relatively successful, which certainly puts a bit of pressure on for me to excel as well as my namesakes seem to be doing.

This one is a guitarist, I think.

Another (female) plays drums in heavystud, formerly with Star Ghost Dog, Jen Trynin, and Society System Decontrol.

Another was the 2002 Minnesota Section PGA Teacher of the Year.

Yet another is an independent member of the Queensland State Parliament in Australia.

Another seems to have recently moved to Sweden.

I now know where to go if I'm in the market for real estate in Carlton. Or for that matter, in San Fransisco.

Here's a distance runner.

And finally, a sensei:

Chris Foley is the holder of a 5thdan (Godan) Black belt in Ishi-Ryoku Jutsu (2&3)and also holds a 4th dan Black belt in Tuite Grappling (USKA) (4), a 4th dan Black Belt in Seigi Bushido Ryu (1&2), a 3rd dan Black belt in Shinto Yoshin Ryu Jui-Jitsu (4&5), a 3rd dan Black belt in Shorinji Ryu Kyohkai Kempo (4), a 2nd dan (Nidan) Black belt in Keedok Kyo (2), and a 1st dan Black Belt in Karate (Ryushido). Full Combat Instructor Pachivas Pankration.(4)

So you see the kind of pressure I'm under to succeed with such illustrious company. More namesakes to follow in the coming days.

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