Sunday, February 05, 2006

Rochester Weekend

For the last two days, I've been frantically rehearsing 2 piano 8 hand works with Jean Barr and others for Jean's faculty recital this afternoon. It was Jean's intention to create a recital of works for piano in ensemble with some of her dearest colleagues from Eastman along with 6 and 8 hand works with a few of her former students. I'm playing on two 2P8H works, both by Mack Wilberg--his Carmen fantasy and a new work entitled Les Contes d'Offenbach composed for the occasion and dedicated to Jean Barr.

It has certainly been a weekend of memories, and a pleasure to get reacquainted with Judy Kehler Siebert, Diane Birr, and Sylvie Beaudette and relive the early years of Jean's ACM program at Eastman.

On the other hand, we've all been getting a crash course on playing multi-piano works, much of which involves keeping down while someone else has the tune or trying to make the tune heard against the others. There is a huge accumulation of sound with 1 piano 6 hand and 2 piano 8 hand works, and controlling it (via pedal especially) has been one of our rehearsal goals. I really can't remember when I've had such fun rehearsing a program and this afternoon's program will hopefully be quite a hit. We are told that the concert is widely expected to sell out.

After last night's dress rehearsal, a few of us made a quick side trip to stock up on some beans.


Back to Toronto after the concert as on Monday morning OTG production rehearsals begin.
No Bathroom Divas recap this weekend, as the show does not air in the United States. I taped the episode and will take a look at it either Tuesday or Wednesday.

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  1. Best of luck. Sounds like a fun programme.

  2. Is that coffee place the former Java Joe's? My memory of Gibbs St is inseparable from the smell of roasting/burning coffee billowing out of that place every morning.

    And, I can't resist asking, do you store your coffee in a Bean Jarr?

  3. No relation to Java Joe's (which is still there on Gibbs). Canaltown is on East Avenue near the can of worms (junction of I-490 and I-590 just east of downtown for all the non-Rochesterians).

    There was many a recital I played in Kilbourn where the smell of roasting coffee from Joe's wafted into the hall.