Saturday, January 21, 2006

Bathroom Divas Episode 3 Recap

This week's episode featured the remaining five singers coaching the next round of arias with Mary Lou, Michael, Tom, and Gary in preparation for this week's vote-off.

There were also two eventful side-trips, one of them to a karaoke bar, the other to a heated Bikram yoga session.

The performances this week, with Brahm Goldhamer once again at the keyboard, were attended by a class of high school music student. This week's guest judges were soprano Wendy Nielson and Canadian Opera Company coach Liz Upchurch. When the time for the vote-off arrived, it was Sergio who was asked to leave, with Sonja, Sonja, Elton, and Emili remaining.

Bathroom Divas airs on Bravo!Canada


  1. Anonymous1:50 PM

    I think that if Bathroom Divas is to have a second season they need to stream line their criteria for contestants. I don't believe that a person who has studied voice performance at University should qualify for the Bathroom Divas. I think it would be a great competition if people with post secondary education in music performance were not eligible to compete.

  2. Anonymous12:21 PM

    Insider... the COC wouldn't become involved unless the contestants had some training. They didn't want it to be an Idol type series.