Friday, December 23, 2005

Collaborative Piano vs. Piano Accompanying

Today's live matchup is being held from Google Smackdown, the site where two duelling search entries go head-to-head on Google to see which one appears more across the web.

Today's match features the challenger, Collaborative Piano, a young upstart with a short but excellent track record as a dynamic team player as it goes up against the champion, Piano Accompanying, with its long record of competence, albeit with a certain sense of subservience and discretion.

The entries are loaded into the search engine. And they're off...

And the undisputed champion is:

Piano Accompanying with 2050 hits over Collaborative Piano with 1080.

Collaborative Piano is furious and demands a rematch---Piano Accompanying very modestly agrees. There will be a rematch sometime in 2006. So until then, create that web-based content with your favorite candidate and we'll see you next time on Google Smackdown.

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