Tuesday, April 20, 2010

John Oliver's Fantasie #1 from the Hot Tempered Clavier

Fantasie #1 by John Oliver, while taking on the rhythmic structure of the first fugue from Book I of Bach's Well-Tempered Klavier, is based on a microtonal scale that utilizes 96 notes per octave. John writes from a Facebook posting earlier today:
Therefore, the piano has 96 keys and only sounds one octave. I am able to use any multiple of this 16th-of-tone chromatic "scale". Thus, I can use ET [equal temperament], or approximate any just tuning and modulate between them at will. It represents total "tuning" freedom.


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You can check out more of John's work at his ReverbNation page, CDBaby store, blog, or Facebook Page.

Update: John also sent along the link to Bruce Mather's Double CD of the Hot Tempered Clavier and more microtonal piano works.
Update: John also notes that the embedded file is only an excerpt. You have to buy the CD if you want to hear the whole thing...

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  1. Well, I applaud his inventiveness, but I couldn't listen to the whole thing and my cat's ears were way back. It gave me the heebie-jeebies.