Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Those Darned Page-Turners

In case you haven't yet figured out the difference between Crowders, Helicopters, Human Obstacles, Music Civilians, Space Cadets, Silent Critics, Destroyers, and Participators, head on over to Good Company for Billie Whittaker's A Brief Guide to Page Turners.

I am proud to say that my turning skills put me in the Crouching Tiger, Hidden Page-Turner category, although I am currently in retirement and am not available to turn pages for anyone at present. I would also like to posit the existence of yet another category to add to Billie's list:

Hand Position Observer. While not displaying the cavillous traits of the Silent Critic, the Hand Position Observer's relaxed demeanor masks formidable powers of observation, and has been known to put off many a pianist in performance with their single-minded focus on the hand, wrist, and forearm position of the pianist whose pages they are supposed to be turning. HPO's are often dedicated students of piano pedagogy and have been known to carry protractors backstage.

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  1. How could I not respond to this? I am an award-winning page-turner! hahhha