Monday, January 11, 2010

Carnegie Mellon University Launches Collaborative Piano Program

I've just received word that Carnegie Mellon University will be offering a degree program in Collaborative Piano. The only information I could find so far was the following information on the School of Music's Admissions and Auditions page:
The School of Music is introducing the Masters in Collaborative Piano program in the Fall of 2010. Applicants to this program will be expected to demonstrate accompanying skills with both instrumentalists and with vocalists at the time of the audition. Please be sure to refer to the "Audition" section of this website for detailed instructions, requirements, and guidelines for the application and audition processes.
Complete list of Degree and Diploma Programs in Collaborative Piano

(Thanks, Lucas!)


  1. Does anyone know who Mark Carver or Luz Manriquez are? Forgive my ignorance...