Sunday, November 15, 2009

Piano Quartet Lists and Resources

So many wonderful musical works have been written for the combination of violin, viola, cello and piano. Here are some lists and resources dedicated to the art of the piano quartet:
Here is the second movement of the Gabriel Fauré second piano quartet as played by pianist Gloria Chien, violinist Cindy Tien-Hsin Wu, violin, violist Youming Chen, and cellist Dmitri Atapine. (NB: that long, shallow stage looks familiar....might that be the Kresge Auditorium at Bowdoin College in Maine?)

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(Image by Guus Krol at Kammermusicfest Lockenhaus)


  1. Wow, sounds great. Thanks for posting. I appreciate your efforts in sharing some music teaching resources dedicated to the art of the piano quartet. This can certainly be very useful to most music teachers like me. I'll check out those links and tips that you've shared as they seem very interesting. I admire your passion for music and music teaching as well as your efforts to spread the good news. Thanks again and more power. Til your next posts! Cheers!

  2. Thank you for these great resources on piano quartet music. I enjoy chamber music very much and thoroughly appreciate the time you took to present these resources.