Friday, May 22, 2009

One More Ticket Giveaway Winner

12pm EDT has passed, the contest has closed, and I am glad to announce Johane Ansell of Toronto (@saskatchewhoa on Twitter) as the final winner in the Tapestry New Opera Works/Collaborative Piano Blog free ticket giveaway. Johane wins two tickets to this Sunday's performance of The Shadow at the Berkeley Street Theatre with her answer to the question "Why Contemporary Opera?":
it gives audiences & participants opportunities to explore: sounds, ideas, periods, and boundaries. and who doesn't like to explore? :)
The contest is now closed, and unfortunately the final pair of tickets since won't be given away since there weren't enough entries. I would like to thank Tapestry New Opera Works for making these tickets available to this incredible new work for the opera stage--I went to the world premiere last night and enjoyed it immensively.


  1. Anonymous5:07 PM

    it's a shame that there were not more entries... maybe that in and of itself says something about our views of contemporary opera. i interviewed a major us opera conductor who thought that most modern opera produced now was junk. my experience with opera-goers is that many of them are very suspicious of new opera and have a distaste for it before they have even heard it-- and they are not satisfied with musical theater.

    i can understand a distaste for new works: only a few of the new pieces we hear will go on to be masterworks done for hundreds of years. (speaking of which, what makes something "good music" or a "masterpiece" anyway?) but i feel like the opera world still needs to have a heart to heart with the fact that new operas generate a bit more enthusiasm in order for the genre to continue to grow and appeal to new listeners.

  2. Anonymous5:17 PM

    sorry, i left the most important words in that last clause out. should be: new operas NEED TO generate a bit more enthusiasm in order for the genre to grow and appeal to new listeners.

  3. YAY Johane!

    (If I weren't already going next weekend, I'd beg you to take me with ...)