Sunday, December 28, 2008

2008 Year-End Search Engine Keywords Extravaganza

People sometimes search for the strangest things. Now that the Collaborative Piano Blog has been active for over three years, it has a wealth of content both new and old, steady traffic, rising subscriber numbers, good search engine ranking, and a huge number of searchable entry points into past articles. Here are just a few keywords in the last month whose results landed the searchers on the Collaborative Piano Blog, with some possible answers to their queries in parentheses:

  • best 1 hour practice system (Hint: try it at least three times a day for best results)
  • youtube sock opera the perfect match (not released to YouTube yet - check your Bravo!Canada listings in order to see reruns of it)
  • yehuda gilad work ethic clarinet (I played in Yehuda's studio at the Bowdoin Festival a few years ago and can certainly attest to a strong work ethic that he both demands of himself and instils in his students)
  • where can i download free dresden dolls companion (some things are better left unsaid)
  • the voice of bach taylor (his first name is Daniel, not Bach)
  • teacher vs. coach (in this corner, we have the reigning champion...)
  • sight reading improving (glad to hear about it)
  • shubert's the e king (try the song in e minor and you'll get this)
  • schuubert's "the e??? king" (spelling fail)
  • schubert's "the e--- king" (see above)
  • schubert's "the e...king" (see above)
  • royal conservatory versus faber (my studio at the RCM overlooks Varsity Stadium, which might be a good venue for such a matchup)
  • quotes on the art of piano accompanying (here's one: Listen!)
  • playing erlkonig (perhaps a cape might work for the costume)
  • piano learn rapidshare blogger ( should opt for a real teacher rather than virus-infested download if you wish to learn piano properly)
  • piano lesson scam (see above)
  • piano lesson scams (see above)
  • piano pedagogy + letter to parents template (obviously Billy hasn't been practicing)
  • piano fingering sloppy (well, fix it then!)
  • piano accompanist billing software (three letters: MTH)
  • piano accompanists wanted in toronto (is this an SOS?)
  • pianist out of work (see above)
  • pianistrobot (I personally prefer hearing humans play)
  • laptop can't play naxos cd (can't help you there)
  • jascha heifetz misogynist (really? I never knew)
  • james brown piano (get on up...)
  • improve sidereading piano (hint: face front)
  • how to thank a choral accompanist who plays flawlessly (a raise would be nice, as well as a pound of chocolates from La Maison du Chocolat)
  • how to get better at the piano (all together now...PRACTICE!!!)
  • how much time does an accompanist needed to learn a piece (as long as it takes)
  • geocties piano (that is soooooo 1998)
  • ferrari-red steinway (about the same price as a steinway-red ferrari)
  • elizabeth macdonald makeover (I'm sure she would be glad to come to Toronto to give you some advice, for a small consulting fee)
  • erlkonig moore substitution (and warming up on the sidelines is Gerald Moore, veteran of many a concert season at the Wigmore...)
  • elitism in piano teaching (hint: be sure to name-drop before you answer the student's question)
  • did the hockey strike kill the cbc radio orchestra (maybe)
  • dealing with accompanists 2008 (groan)
  • cpb winter gala victoria (and to think they didn't even invite me)
  • collaborative pianist vs pianist? (an inner struggle, perhaps)
  • christmas carols transposed to a lower key (as Madame K used to say, just put your hands over the new key and play the song)
  • 2008 fees paid to classical pianists (wouldn't we all like to know the answer to that)
  • warming up piano (get your furnace fixed)
  • schumann rules (Yesssss!)
  • how do you go about opening a niche site or storethat have adsense ads? (I think DoshDosh can help you on that)
  • chris foley books on piano (there's an excellent idea for the future)
Leave a comment with your own bizarre search terms that brought you to the Collaborative Piano Blog. And if you haven't already done so, be sure to subscribe in your favorite feed reader or sign up for an email subscription in order to receive regular updates.

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