Tuesday, September 11, 2007

An Understandable Mistake

The recent passing of former National Ballet music director George Crum was a cause for some confusion, as news of it caused Jamie at Urban Flute Project to imply that George Crumb had actually passed away (the posting was later taken down and reposted). The mixup was perfectly understandable--two major musical figures shared the same name. Which got me thinking, Georges Crum and Crumb aren't the only well-known musicians who share names.

There are also Jeff Cohen the instrumental collaborative pianist and Jeff Cohen the vocal collaborative pianist.

Two pianists are named Martin Jones: one American and one British.

Many people confuse John Williams the conductor and composer with John Williams the guitarist.

Publishers in the 1820's got Franz Schubert of Vienna confused with Franz Schubert of Dresden.

And last but not least, Transona Five guitarist Chris Foley, ambient guitarist Chris Foley, Heavystud drummer Chris Foley, and Chris Foley the Newfoundland tech blogger share names with me.


  1. And then there are the John Adams composers.

    Hmmm. This could be a fun game ...?

  2. Not to mention the two Engelbert Humperdincks, or should I say Engelberts Humperdinck.

  3. ...not to mention George Crum, inventor of the potato chip!