Sunday, September 23, 2007

Introducing the Classical Music Blogs Pagecast

If you're a user of Pageflakes, the popular start page and social network, you might want to check out the Classical Music Blogs Pagecast I've created with plenty of the usual suspects from the classical music blogosphere, including Alex Ross: The Rest Is Noise, think denk, Opera Chic, oboeinsight, Jessica Duchen, Musical Perceptions, and Urban Flute Project, as well as the CPB. No membership is required to view the pagecast.

Some cool things about the Pageflakes system is that the pagecast is listed in the public directory and I can change the content as time goes along, adding to the diverse roster of 24 feeds that are already there once newer blogs spring up.


In addition to the RSS feeds on the pagecast, I'm also adding a bookmark widget that contains as many bookmarks of classical music blogs as I can find. I've bookmarked 122 so far this evening, with many more to go.


  1. I just found this page... Way to go! Your blog is incredibly comprehensive/informative/just th eright about of music-geeky. I approve.

  2. Me? A music geek? I suppose you're right...

  3. Thanks so much for the add on Pagecast, Chris! Looking forward to your upcoming blog series on Better Practicing! As always, your blog is a superlative resource for classical music fans, students, and professionals!